• Social media plays a large role in how students communicate today. Students like you can use these networks to make friends, discover local events, and discuss the most significant issues in their lives. So it is necessary to follow social media safety tips while using these social media platforms.

  • While social media is filled with opportunities, there are also dangers. You may be targeted for fraud, bullying, and other types of abuse. You can also endanger yourself and your future careers by creating posts that can’t be easily erased from the internet.

  • Protecting yourself is easy if you follow some essential sm safety tips for students. Here are ten social media safety tips for students that can make a difference:

    1. Set a strong password, and change it often
    2. Review and confirm all of your privacy settings
    3. Be careful about who you accept as friends
    4. Watch out for impersonators
    5. Block strangers who are nosy or cruel

    Certain information should never be listed in your posts because it could be used to locate you or to impersonate you for the purposes of fraud. This information includes:

    • Your home address
    • Your phone number
    • Identifying numbers such as student ID, or social security
    • Your class schedule